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Sep 17, 2014 / 17 notes

Lost Creek Wilderness, Colorado

"Drink this or hike into the night?" Alex asked me as he held up a bottle filled with a murky green substance that seemed to have been burped up from the earth. We had already hiked 3 hours without water and the skin on my hands was feeling dry and tight against my knuckles as I gripped the shoulder of my pack a little tighter. Just hours before the sun had been beating down on us with a harsh contempt but now I huddled further into my jacket as the fog swallowed us whole. The fog had come in so subtly that we did not take notice of it until we stepped out into the glowing meadow. This particular meadow must have been calculated by god to sit specifically in a seat of the suns last golden rays every evening. The sun sent 3 beams of dwindling light through a gap in the tallest evergreens, everything before them lying in layers of shade and silhouettes. The ground was covered in a palette of bright red, yellow, and orange blades of grass and stubby bushes that seemed to get lost in the fog and distort the difference between sky and earth. I was lost in amazement, somewhere in a Robert Frost poem when I heard a shout across the meadow, "Put the camera down and find some clean water or we’re screwed!" I cringed at the thought of not soaking up every second of this beauty, "But its GOLDEN HOUR man!"… "Fuck your golden hour!" echoes back.

Dark had fallen completely as we continued to hike forward. We had been able to use every last bit of the suns influence to hike a long while even after it went all the way down but now we depended on headlamps. With every second the fog grew more and more thick on the mountainside making its way deeper into the woods. It carried with it a mist that coated everything in a layer of freezing water. Every tree branch was a cold obstacle, every bush meant colder wetter boots. After a few gambles in the dark we finally found water and a relatively terrible place to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning Alex was outside of the tent taking a piss. When he got back his sandals were filled with snow, fall had come early to the Lost Creek Wilderness. The mist that covered everything last night had transformed into a frost that covered every inch of the woods. It was colder than we had expected so we sat in the tent drinking water and eating mashed potatoes for an hour (we were excited about this). Eventually we forced ourselves to get up and after spending a few seconds bitching about how cold our fingers were we mustered up the courage to take down the frosty tent. A blanket of snow was spread across the top and our fingers shot with a numbing pain as we fumbled with the tarp. Soon we were back on the trail, headed into a deep fog still present from the night before.

Within a few hours we emerged from the foggy forest onto the highway and made our way safely back to the HQ in Boulder where we put a night cap on the trip by eating buffalo chicken pizza, drinking homebrew on tap, and watching Space Jam. All combined I can say with confidence that I enjoyed Colorado to the highest extent.


Aug 6, 2014 / 9 notes

Cohutta Wilderness, Jacks River Falls, GA

A 5 Point Guide On How To Summer:

1) Beat The Heat! Whether you gotta rise before the sun to bake up some breakfast, hop in that sparkling creek full of cold mountain water, or take refuge in the shade of some tall Georgia pines find a way to escape the sweltering southern sun.

2) Get Lost! It’s not officially summer until you lose your way on the trail or in a park or on a back road somewhere. Summer is freedom and that means going where you’ve never been, seeing something you’ve never seen, and maybe even forgetting how to get back to where you came from.

3) Get Smelly! Summer isn’t the time for smelling like a bunch of flowers! Save that shit for spring. Summer means heat and heat means sweaty body odor. Let your BO be a testament to the miles hiked, the mountains climbed, and the rivers waded.

4) Stay Hydrated! Dip a cup in the stream, take an extra swig of water before you sip that whisky. Take a few gulps of water for every beer you chug. If you’re doing summer right you will have marked out point 3 on the guide and made sure you sweated out a nice stench. Replace those lost liquids a replenish your energy!

5) Feel Free! Summer isn’t a season its a feeling! Roll down your windows and feel the breeze, climb a tree and scrape up your knees, take spontaneous adventures while your days are free, lay down and look up at the clouds, get some bug bites and some poison ivy, feel the freedom of a kid during recess again.


Jul 31, 2014 / 27 notes

Cartersville, Ga, Head Quarters

Most recently The Adventure Team has partnered with PlayinFourKeeps Records and acquired a new member and known Atlanta rapper Wara From The NBHD. His manager, Larry otherwise and better known as The Snack Doctor, was previously established as a permanent member of The Adventure Team while chasing storms through the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina (see previous post on Black Balsam Knob). The partnership blossomed over a day of hiking, rock climbing, feasting on soul food, and moseying lazily down the river on kayaks. Although they are just a couple tender footed city slickers the boys at PFK are certified adventurers. When they aren’t running with the wolves they can be found in the city hard at work pouring hours into their craft and the results show it. Not only are these guys good with music but they make sure everything involved is equally great. Every song is like a book on audio telling a story, every music video appearing to be a movie in itself even if the audio was taken out. Hell even the PFK gear (seen in photos) seems more like a brand in itself than promotion for the music. If you haven’t heard of them yet then check them out and join the crowd in anticipation for Wara’s LP dropping the 12th of August. And look forward to more PFK Adventure Team trips coming up.



Jul 16, 2014 / 169 notes

Charlie’s Bunion, Appalachian Trail, TN

As the thunder cracked and echoed across the ridges we knew there was only a few minutes left before the heart of the storm would be upon us. We had already spent the better part of the day up on the bald, 5 hours or so, but I found it difficult to pull myself away and head back to camp. There’s something religious about seeing the sky and the earth collide like that. Smelling the change in the air as the storm arrives, feeling a steep drop in the temperature as the cold wind whips around sounding like a freight train passing by, witnessing the power of the storm as it weaves the clouds through the peaks of each mountain and then throws them down into the valleys, the colors of a sunset dancing across the sky behind all of this. In a moment like that you feel insignificant to the power surrounding you but you feel blessed to be part of such a system. You stop to thank god for the simple things like a rock to sit on, a flat place on the ground to lay, a cloud giving you shade, a friendly bird that flutters by, the silence that comes with being miles away and spending time alone, or maybe the joy of a small conversation and the company of a good friend. Moments like these are meant to be cherished. Moments that instead of causing you to lose track of time they cause you to lose the concept of time, content with the moment lasting forever. Eventually though the clouds engulfed us and seeing nothing but white we were forced to head back to camp. Enriched with another mountain top experience and tired from a day of hiking it wasn’t long before the rain put us to sleep.


May 24, 2014 / 16 notes

Black Balsam Knob, North Carolina

It was 6 am as we all stood on top of the mountains and watched the dark grey clouds billow out for miles and miles. We could see the storm growing closer and closer as everything became tinted with a dark blue and washed over with grey. The bitter wind was whipping around us as we all took shelter behind a rock jutting out from the mountainside. We could see the storm blowing overhead just a few feet from us; if I jumped my head would literally be in the clouds. The morning was engulfed in a darkness that caused all of the colors to become vibrant. The green grasses in the fields had a neon glow to them, the shades of blue on the mountainsides created an indigo color wheel, the dirt became a bright reddish brown, and the rising sun created a pink accent across the sky in the distance. Just hours before 7 of us piled into my truck and left the comfort of the city for this cold and stormy morning in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sometimes nature can really knock you on your ass and remind you just how amazing and powerful she is. However as we all sat there hiding from the cold sharing blankets, blunts, and laughs I realized that we couldn’t have made a better decision than to chase the storm.


May 17, 2014 / 8 notes

New Orleans, LA

A place that will knock you the fuck out but then pick you right back up the next day.  There is something special about that.  New Orleans is a hell of a place and every visit you can find something refreshing about the city you didn’t know before.  Also I would not recommend getting insanely drunk with your sister on Bourbon Street because shit just gets weird.

- Jackson

Apr 28, 2014 / 4 notes

Bronze Boys, The Keys/Miami, Florida

Of course the beach is beautiful but whatever everyone knows that’s not what it’s really about. For us, the true American role models we are, we visit the beach to slam beers, cheap vodka, babes, weights, and tanning competitions. Jackson once won a tanning competition against an indigenous Australian aborigine tribe but that was in the 2nd grade before he went into the Major League Tanning competitions and started counting his W’s. Keep an eye out for us competing in the Bronze Olympic Duals this summer and I’ll also be competing solo for the Most Improved Tan Line of the Year Award.


Apr 21, 2014 / 13 notes

Solo mission to Portland, Oregon

Went out to Portland for a long weekend trip. Embarked on way too much walking for wild foods and encounters with some incredibly friendly bums. But bums aside this town has a lot to be proud of. Portland has a sense of character and pride which many cities (ATLANTA) do not have. Shout out to Rose City for the times. 

*sidenote*  Portland has cute little whimsical mail ladies who aren’t a day over 30 which might be coolest shit ever.

- Jackson

Mar 3, 2014 / 3 notes

A short video from a day spent in the woods

song: Ol’ Blue- Willie Nelson

Mar 1, 2014 / 6 notes

Young deer spotted on Red Top Mountain in Georgia